Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Unique Take on Common Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an excellent and traditional way to show your wedding party and guests how much you appreciate their being at or participating in your wedding. Saying thank you to your guests for their well wishes and gifts is not only traditional, but is also expected – even at the smallest of weddings. However, though the practice of giving wedding favors is traditional, it was only recently that the habit emerged.
Where did the wedding favor come from? Thievery of course. Yes, seriously.
It used to be that wedding guests would quietly take a small item or two as a souvenir from the wedding – such as a knife, fork, or other small token item from centerpieces and other arrangements. This resulted in the bride and groom giving favors, to stave off thievery, and the favors are usually placed as a part of the table setting so the guests can remember the special day without having to resort to committing a misdemeanor to do so.

Common Wedding Favors, Unique Ideas
Since the day that the first wedding favor was given on purpose, the trend continued with certain items always being “favor material,” which resulted in being able to count on specific items being given, such as Jewish almonds, or other little candies – boring items that did not last.
These days, however, the trend is changing, and the favors are being just as unique as each wedding is.
For example, disposable digital cameras are a brilliant idea that gives guests a personal photo album of the event. Alternatively, you could instead spring for mini SD cards instead, since just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet PC with which to take photos these days.
Another unique idea with a common item is interesting little decorative items, such as glasses or ceramics.
Silver slipper bottle openers have been done, as have food items and Boy/Girl items. Marbles and silver spoon sets are available in many varieties, and can be difficult to make unique. For most wedding favors, unique ideas are assumed to work well, as there are so many choices that your guests will probably have never seen them before.

Make Any Wedding Favor Unique
Because this is your wedding, your wedding favors should express your uniqueness. Are you studying to be a lawyer? You could write a faux contract saying that you and spouse will always be happy and always remember the special day with them (the guests) there.
Are you a green geek? You could donate money to an environmental group on the guests’ behalf. Depending on the size of the guest list this could get expensive, though so make sure to set monetary limits and donate no more per person than you would have spent on a normal favor. This idea works with a number of different industries. For example, if you’re a cancer survivor, donate to the ACS, if you are a Vet, then donate to ASPCA, and so on.
When you put yourself into the project, it comes from the heart, which makes each wedding favor you create not only unique and meaningful, but personal as well, for which the memory will last as long as your friendship with the guests – much longer than if spent potentially hundreds on little candy favors instead.  

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